About Us


Superhumanz is a unique one of a kind online magic learning company. Our trainers consist of FISM World Champion Magicians that are truly passionate and dedicated to their art.

Superhumanz started off with four magician friends sharing the same vision of sharing great, easy to learn hard hitting magic to the average layman community. Finally, after a few months flying back and forth between Macau, Korea, Malaysia, Canada and the USA, Superhumanz was finally born.



We provide unique and exclusive video content teaching real world magic, taught by World Champion Magicians. Moreover, we want you to learn the art of magic the correct and fastest way possible. All magic content on the Superhumanz can be done by any skill level. Routines taught are routines housed in the repertoire of the world champions themselves.

In essence , we want to make GREAT MAGIC easily available to the mass that desires it.

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