Guerilla Magic By KaiLun Hu

Guerilla Magic By KaiLun Hu

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KaiLun Hu is one of the top magicians in Taiwan. He is adapt in both stage and close-up magic and has also created many original effects.

He has appeared on many TV programs in Taiwan, most notably “Variety Big Brother”, a long running variety program in Taiwan as a judge in a magic competition, alongside Lu Chen and many other famous local magicians.

In this exclusive release, KaiLun will share 6 of his pet effects.

Tutorial description

Cigarette to Money

A borrowed cigarette transforms into a bill.

Alarm my Card

You clearly exit all apps running on your phone. A card is then selected and returned to the deck.

You ask the spectator to transfer the cards one by one over and across your phone. Your phone rings, and the card is revealed to be the spectators selected card.

Coke Appearance

Water is clearly seen in a bottle. A wave of your hand and the label changes to Cola. You shake the bottle and the water changes to Cola. You then seemingly pour it out for the spectator to take a sip.

Card to Impossible Location

A card is selected and lost in the deck. The spectator holds the deck and throws it toward a bottle you are holding. The selected card amazingly appears inside the bottle.

Pass Two Strings

Two shoelaces link and unlink under seemingly impossible conditions.

This is like a version of the Dean’s Box, without the box, and more.

Spirit Shadow

A phone is the ultimate ‘borrowed object’ to use with your magic in this modern era.

This is a hilarious Sucker style routine using your victim/volunteer’s phone. And is one of KaiLun’s personal favorites.

You will learn how to seemingly be able to travel through time and space, all while being recorded on the volunteers’ phone.