Heart 2 Heart by Shin Lim


Heart 2 Heart by Shin Lim

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Learn 3 routines to impress your date – Change of Heart ver. 2, Kiss Heart and Get Her Phone Number by Shin Lim


Change of Heart 2.o

An incredibly visual and impromptu in-the-hands transformation, where one card instantly changes to another.

Perform it as part of a longer routine, like ambitious card or as a stand-alone revelation.



Kiss Heart

A simple idea, perfect for a date, Valentines or any occasion!

A spectator seemingly selects a card at random, say the Ace of Hearts. 

You then pop out a heart shape piece of candy or chocolate from the card, then show the heart pip on the card has disappeared.

It’s easy to do, attainable even if you are a beginner. 

You will use this!



Get Her Phone Number

The spectator shuffles the cards. Then seemingly cuts the cards at any point they like in the deck.

You deal off and announce the numbers on the cards in sequence as the spectators punches in the numbers you call out into their phone.

They press call; and your phone rings.

An impressive magic effect with bonus of getting the person’s phone number!


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