Silk Through Phone by Jeimin Lee

Silk Through Phone by Jeimin Lee

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We’ve only got a 100 units of this from our friend, Korean magician Jeimin Lee !!

Bonus: Shawn Farquhar’s Inflation: Cards in Balloon trick

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**ONLY 100 units AVAILABLE**

How was Silk Through Phone born? How is it even possible?

“Holy cow, there was a time a lot of magic was like this. Clever little gimmicks that created effects way out of proportion to the simple means employed. The same gimmick can be used to send a silk through a bottle of liquid (this looks so good) or a deck of cards. I know, we all like crazy gimmicks because they make us go “ooo” but those things fail and/or break in an hour and a half. This will always work.” –David Regal, Genii Magazine


Imagine being able to pull an ordinary red silk through any borrowed phone at a moment’s notice.  The effect is so visual that anyone from any distance will swear they saw the silk went right through the phone!  This is completely impromptu and both the silk and phone can be fully examined.  There is no fumbling at all throughout the whole routine.  This idea came from the creative mind of our Korean friend, Jeimin Lee.


What’s in the Package?

Comes with custom designed gimmick*, a large 18-inch red silk* and a video instruction by Shawn Farquhar.

*Gimmick & Silk are shipped according to the shipping time selected by you. The tutorial video can be accessed once the order is confirmed. 



Inflation (Cards in Balloon) by Shawn Farquhar.

This product also includes Shawn Farquhar’s award winning deck switch technique.



– Worldwide Free Shipping takes 2 – 4 weeks.

– Please note that you’ll only be able to watch the videos after the gimmick is successfully delivered to you.

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions5 x 5 x 1 cm

Silk Through Phone

Silk Through Phone

Pull a silk scarf through a borrowed phone!

This is one of the most visual effects you can perform.

Your audience will swear that the scarf went right through the phone!

  • Both the silk and phone can be fully examined after.
  • Gimmick hides in plain sight.
  • Suitable for close-up as well as parlor.
  • 1 second re-set, or transition instantly into any other silk effect.

The original Silk Through Phone release came with a home-made instructional video. The Superhumanz tutorial is professionally shot and is thought by FISM Grand Prix Winner for Closeup magic, Shawn Farquhar.



Inflation (Cards in Balloon)

A volunteer selects and signs a card, it is then lost in the deck. The volunteer then is given a choice of several balloons to choose from. Once a balloon is chosen, the magician then visibly pushes the deck of cards through the walls of the balloon!

That’s not all.

The volunteer then signs the balloon. The signed balloon is blown up and the cards are mixed by tossing them around inside the balloon. The volunteer’s signed selection is then pulled out through the latex wall of the balloon!

The signed selection and the balloon with the rest of the deck inside are handed immediately to the volunteer as souvenirs!

  • Can be preceded by any of your best card routines, then proceed to Inflated.
  • Impossible object souvenir.
  • Bound to be a crowd favorite.
  • Perfect for that one table or client you want to impress.

This product includes Shawn Farquhar’s award winning deck switch technique.



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