Lightning by Jordan Gomez


Lightning by Jordan Gomez

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Lightning is a combo of Flash and Exchange tutorials.



Lightning Combo By Jordan Gomez

Learn two of Jordan’s signature tricks, Flash and Exchange in this product combo!

Exchange by Jordan Gomez

A borrowed bill visually and instantly changes into another! The effect doesn’t need any further description than that.

  • Extremely visual
  • No gimmicks used for the bill change
  • Very easy gimmick construction for the bill split
  • Perfect for one-on-one and on camera performances

[Disclaimer] Most suitable to change the bills to a slightly larger size.


Flash by Jordan Gomez

A signed small sheet of foil paper vanishes from your fingertips in a blink of an eye, it reappears under your arm, then transforms into a silver coin, in a FLASH!

You can also use this technique to transform the foil paper into any small object, like a spoon or key.

  • Simple & straight forward effect
  • Super visual
  • Great for camera and live performances
  • Uses a gimmick that every magician most likely already has




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