Moneda Magica by Juan Luis Rubiales

Moneda Magica by Juan Luis Rubiales

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Modena Magica by Juan Luis Rubiales

When we think of Coin Magic, we think of knuckle busting and difficult techniques to keep tonnes of coins hidden in the magicians’ hands.

Moneda Magica is a collection of magic with coins specially selected by Juan Luis Rubailes, a student of the legendary Spanish Magician, Juan Tamariz.  There is no complicated sleight of hand. These effects are extremely easy to learn and can be used as a segway to other coin magic effects. However, they are also strong enough to stand on their own.

Learn 3 close up routines from Juan Luis’s personal repertoire that has never been published before! What makes it more special is, no gimmicks are required to perform these routines!


Napkin Across

After being examined by the spectators, you make a silver coin and a Chinese coin mysteriously change places; while being isolated in napkins, and held by the spectators.


Crazy sight

A spectator selects a card. You then show that you have a number written on one side of a coin, and a suit of a card written on the other. This appears to be incorrect, until the writings on the coin changes to the correct selected card.


Falling Coins

A prediction sitting in full view before the effect begins to correctly match the only coin remaining after a process of elimination


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