RSVP by Shawn Farquhar

RSVP by Shawn Farquhar

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“This is my baby. My FAVORITE technique, RSVP. The Re-Sealed Verified Pack. The trick you’ve been waiting for.”  

– Shawn Farquhar


DISCLAIMER: This video lesson does not include the signed card in the sealed deck.


This is the trick you’ve been waiting for. The technique FISM World Champion of Magic, Shawn Farquhar used on Penn & Teller’s Fool Us*, impress Ellen De Generes and this is the one that left professional magicians baffled for years.


Imagine this, a brand new sealed deck of playing cards is opened, then shuffled with cards being put faced up and faced down. The mixed up cards are clearly shown to be mixed then are being put back in the card box. The card box is signed, then locked in between a spectator’s closed grip, and in an instant, the deck RESEALS itself!


On opening and examining the now brand new re-sealed deck, you’ll find the whole deck back in new deck order! Aces to Kings, Suited!  Everything can be examined and there’s basically nothing to hide!


If you were to add ONE routine to your working repertoire, this would be it. Shawn used this particular technique to fool Penn & Teller on live television. Furthermore, it is his go-to technique when he wants to fool magicians. Most of all, Shawn Farquhar has won 5 AWARDS at the Magic Olympics (FISM) with RSVP!


If you’re truly a magic enthusiast, RSVP is a MUST have in your collection. Shawn reveals everything in this in-depth tutorial and goes to lengths to explain the inner workings of this fine piece of art.


* This video lesson does not include the signed card in the sealed deck.


RSVP teaches you:

  • David Acer’s ingenious variation of the “oil & water routine”
  • Shawn Farquhar’s “Deck Switch” which magicians claim is the best deck switch in the world and it can be done surrounded
  • Perform the OMNI deck aka Shawn’s Ultimate Invisible Deck


  1. joeltjh (verified owner)

    Just picked this gem up after what must be 6 years since I saw the routine for the first time.

    The technique taught is simple and effective, and while magicians MIGHT catch on to certain elements in the earlier part of the effect, there simply isn’t enough to give anything away. The subtleties employed make every move justifiable.

    Laymen wouldn’t know what hit them.

    Case in point – Shawn fooled Penn AND Teller with this technique in his segment on fool us.

    Thanks to David and his team for bringing such a brilliant piece of work to the masses. I can see why Shawn kept this a closely guarded secret for so long.

    • mindofdavid

      Thank You so much for your purchase & review Joel !!! =)

  2. Webhed (verified owner)

    This latest offer from Shawn is phenomenal! It’s beautifully put together, every part linked to the next in a logical, entertaining manner. It’s not difficult, but will require practice to perform smoothly; but good magic should be practiced well! This is certainly going into my performing set. Thank you for releasing this, Shawn.

  3. Sir-Trix-Alot

    fantastic trick and not to hard to learn – only thing missing is how he got the card reversed back into a sealed deck – still with what you get its a 10 out of 10 for me love it

  4. Scott Barden

    Really clever. Love the subtlety with the 8 of diamonds.

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