Shawn Farquhar Teaches S.T.E.P Magic

Shawn Farquhar Teaches S.T.E.P Magic

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Learn from the very best. World Champion in Magic, Shawn Farquhar welcomes you to STEP Magic (Stick To Easy Principle). Be a master magician with minimal practice.


Every trick taught here will look complicated at first but it is actually very easy to learn and perform, hence the title S.T.E.P Magic. The tricks chosen are designed to get maximum impact with minimal practice. Audiences will be bamboozled to believe that you have invested years mastering the craft but in actual fact, just a couple of hours of practice and you are good to go!


Tricks taught by Shawn will make people believe that you:

  • Read people’s minds
  • Are a card shark
  • Have an insane memory power


Most of all, the principles taught in this tutorial go far beyond the tricks performed. After mastering the principles, you will be able to expand and come up with your own unique and cool ideas that you can add to your own personal repertoire.


Tutorial Outline

Easy Man Memorize Deck

Memorize any decks of cards in seconds. You will look like a memory pro in no time.


Oh Shit!

Do as I do card trick with a twist. Shawn’s take on a classic plot.



Mind reading with any Borrowed iPhone. Ready to blow people’s minds anytime anywhere.


13×13 Switch

A Card Utility move that allows you to switch a stack of cards with another stack card. Simple yet deceptive.


Tricks using the 13×13 Switch:


A very cool Ace’s plot. With a kicker ending.



A visual transposition of the King’s to the Ace’s


Card Trick That Sucks

Shoot a card and catch it with your mouth.  A cool way to get someone’s attention.


Net Tricks

A prediction trick with DVD.  Diabolical simple principle that gets people scratching their heads.



A card peek that is not really a card peek. A quick and fun trick to explain card peeking without actually teaching card peeking.



Bonus Trick by World Champion of Magic, Shin Lim.

Coin Routine

A visual coin routine where you make a coin vanish and reappear right in front on the audience eyes.


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