Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic

Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic

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“These are real world card tricks from my own personal repertoire “

Shin Lim, World Champion Card Magician


Want to take your card magic to next level? Where do you go to and who do you learn from? The answer is definitely to go to the very best on planet earth, World Champion of Card Magic, Shin Lim.


Be A Card Pro

Shin Lim is revered to as the #1 sleight of hand artist in the world. Most of all, Shin Lim is bestowed the title of “World Champion of Close-Up Card Magic” by his peers and the world. Shin has handpicked the very best card tricks from his personal repertoire to be shared on this tutorial. By the end of the course, you will go from an absolute beginner (or amateur) into a Card Dragon Slayer. Slay your audiences with your new profound skill. Shin Lim will guide you from the fundamentals of card magic and slowly turn you into a Card Pro in no time.

Each trick featured is structured in a way to embed into you a very important fundamental technique in card magic. Furthermore, these techniques will encourage you to further expand your creativity to create new variations/tricks for your own personal repertoire.

Bare in mind, these are not your grandpa’s locator card tricks. The tricks taught on this course are real world audience tested card tricks performed by Shin Lim himself.

Tutorial Outline

Time Machine

It’s a simple yet deceptive transposition of 2 cards that can be done instantly without any setup with a regular deck of cards.


Pinky Promise

As Performed by Dynamo, Dan White and Justin Flom. This is Shin’s take on the signed card transposition. Learn the basic and the more visual advance handling.


The Biddle Trick

It’s a classic in magic. It’s a mind reading, vanishing and reappearance trick all bundled into one.


Card Sleights

Its several ways for a magician to find a spectator’s cards. Each one topping the last. A crash course in card sleights.


4 for 4

Your audience will think you are doing camera trick. Its that visual.



It’s an old principle in magic updated by Shin. The principle takes away all the hardwork away. You just focus on the presentation and having fun.



Shin who is a master  in cardistry has handpicked 3 flourishes ranging in difficulty for you to show off. Welcome to the world of Cardistry.

  • Card Spring
  • S Dribble
  • Thumb Fan



1 to 5 by Yu Ho Jin

A mixture of a shuffling and gambling lessons that makes you look like a master with a deck of cards.

NEW: Coin Routine by Shin Lim

A visual coin routine where you make a coin vanish and reappear right in front of the audience eyes.


  1. w.wenard

    Refreshment old times trick 8/10

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