Pinky Promise by Shin Lim


Pinky Promise by Shin Lim

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As performed by Dynamo, Dan White and Justin Flom.


Imagine with just a simple pinky promise, 2 signed cards will switch places without you physically touching it! Shin Lim, the reigning World Champion of Close-Up magic will share with you his personal touches and subtleties on one of the most powerful & intimate trick you can ever perform with a deck of cards. Imagine having the ability to make two signed cards switch places without physically touching the cards!


In essence:

  • Take your card magic to the next level
  • Make your magic more memorable
  • Be the life of any party



Ask your audience to choose a card and sign it. The signed card is folded and held securely in your audience’s fist. You then proceed to select a random card for yourself and sign that card. You too fold your signed card and hold it in your fist. With a simple pinky promise or a fist bump, both the cards will instantly switch places !!



Shin will share with you two different ways of performing Pinky Promise, giving you the extra performance set for a different audience! Get ready to take your card magic to a whole new level with Pinky Promise by Shin Lim!



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