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Starter Pack

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Starter Pack is a combo of Shin Lim Teaches Card Magic, Yu Ho Jin Teaches Magic On The Go & Shawn Farquhar Teaches S.T.E.P Magic.

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The BEST Magic Bundle on Planet Earth, Superhumanz Starter Pack !


The Starter Pack is the BEST magic bundle you’ll ever get to lay your hands/eyes on! Not one, but THREE FISM World Champions of Magic, Shin Lim, Shawn Farquhar and Yu Ho Jin have handpicked tricks from their personal repertoire to be included in this ridiculous jam packed no fillers magic bundle!


Forget the long strenuous hours of practicing magic in front of a mirror. The Starter Pack ultimately consists of handpicked tricks that HIT HARD and yet, are extremely easy to do. Get enormous reactions, literally SLAY your audiences and worry more about your presentation than anything else.


In Essence:

  • Get the same reactions as David Blaine or Criss Angel on national TV
  • Master World Class Magic in the shortest period of time
  • Be the life of the party, adding value wherever you go  


If you want to achieve the essence listed above, then this Starter Pack is a MUST have! It’s hard to go wrong, with so much value added in a bundle.


Furthermore, tricks that are taught in this STARTER PACK will make people believe that you can:

  • Make a fish appear anywhere
  • Read a person’s inner thoughts
  • Predict the future
  • Get any girl’s phone number in an instant

Card Magic

Time Machine

It’s a simple yet deceptive transposition of 2 cards that can be done instantly without any setup with a regular deck of cards.  


Pinky Promise

As Performed by Dynamo, Dan White and Justin Flom. This is Shin’s take on the signed card transposition. Learn the basic and the more visual advance handling.  


The Biddle Trick

It’s a classic in magic. It’s a mind reading, vanishing and reappearance trick all bundled into one.  


Card Sleights

Its several ways for a magician to find a spectator’s cards. Each one topping the last. A crash course in card sleights.  


4 for 4

Your audience will think you are doing camera trick. Its that visual.  



It’s an old principle in magic updated by Shin. The principle takes away all the hardwork away. You just focus on the presentation and having fun.  



Shin who is a master  in cardistry has handpicked 3 flourishes ranging in difficulty for you to show off. Welcome to the world of Cardistry.

  • Card Spring
  • S Dribble
  • Thumb Fan



1 to 5 by Yu Ho Jin

A mixture of a shuffling and gambling lessons that makes you look like a master with a deck of cards.

Magic On The Go

Dice of Destiny

A fairly simple and diabolical dice prediction effect where the audience thinks their actions is destined by the magician.  



This is a group guessing game on steroids! Get five people to write a unique word on a card and place it into their individual envelope without you looking. Leave your audience in awe by guessing what they have written!  


Wonderful World

A poetic story intervenes with a powerful moment of magic. Turning negativity (glass of dirty water) into positivity (glass of crystal clear water) with belief in magic. Take this trick to a next level by revealing the glass together with a living fish in it!  


Restore Napkin

Tear and restore a napkin right in front of the spectator’s eye. A reputation maker.  


Mind Reading with Book

Mess with people’s mind with this gem of trick. The easiest way to read someone’s mind.  



A sneaky, goofy and memorable way to give a girl your phone number. A card trick that you never leave home without.  


Card Prediction

Literally, a card prediction trick. However, this is easy, clear and really fair. You will leave your audience speechless.  


Slow Motion

You will have the apparent ability to slow down time. A very powerful moment of magic at your fingertips.  



Cornered by Shin Lim

As performed by David Blaine and Justin Flom. This is Shin’s take on a signed and torn corner bill. This trick is well worth the whole course itself.

S.T.E.P Magic

Easy Man Memorize Deck

Memorize any decks of cards in seconds. You will look like a memory pro in no time.


Oh Shit!

Do as I do card trick with a twist. Shawn’s take on a classic plot.



Mind reading with any Borrowed iPhone. Ready to blow people’s minds anytime anywhere.


13×13 Switch

A Card Utility move that allows you to switch a stack of cards with another stack card. Simple yet deceptive.


Tricks using the 13×13 Switch:


A very cool Ace’s plot. With a kicker ending.



A visual transposition of the King’s to the Ace’s


Card Trick That Sucks

Shoot a card and catch it with your mouth.  A cool way to get someone’s attention.


Net Tricks

A prediction trick with DVD.  Diabolical simple principle that gets people scratching their heads.



A card peek that is not really a card peek. A quick and fun trick to explain card peeking without actually teaching card peeking.




Coin Routine by Shin Lim

A visual coin routine where you make a coin vanish and reappear right in front on the audience eyes.


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