Takumi Takahashi Teaches Card Magic

Takumi Takahashi Teaches Card Magic

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“Takumi has surpassed me” – Lennart Green, World Champion Close-up/Card magician


Prepare to learn card magic like you have never imagined!
Really! You will swear that these are camera tricks!
You might know Takumi Takahashi as a student of the legendary Lennart Green.


However, Takumi has created his own unique style of magic which is super visual, which he will reveal in this exclusive tutorial! For the first time ever, Takumi teaches you refined routines that comes out from his own personal repertoire!!


Learn his version of the Oil & Water (Mirror Effect) created by Lennart Green and even some amazing self working card miracles that will leave you dumbfounded!! (Yes, Self-Working!!).
Takumi also goes into detail, with the Snap Deal and routines you can do with it. This course is jam packed with REAL-WORLD applications, and not just fancy moves!


Don’t expect to master these techniques in 30 minutes. These effects WILL require practice. But it will be so worth it!


Add to cart now and you too can perform seemingly impossible card magic!


The Story of Takumi Takahashi

When he was 11 years old, Takumi Takahashi watched an incredible magic act on Japanese TV, which inspired him to become a magician. That Magician was Mr. Lennart Green, a Swedish world champion close-up/card magician.

When he was 19 years old, he traveled to Stockholm, Sweden. With the help of his girlfriend, who incidentally was Swedish, seeked out Mr. Lennart Green at a magic convention.He was thrilled when Mr. Green accepted him as a student. He subsequently studied with Mr. Green for 3 years.


Takumi brings new light to Mr. Lennart Green’s magic and these lessons will introduce to you his own brand of magic!

Tutorial Outline

To cater for all levels, Takumi has divided his tricks to two sections . EASY &  INTERMEDIATE  .


1) Visual Spread
Takumi’s visual production of any 4 of a kind a spectator cuts to.


2) Blood Hound
Your favorite Picture Cards finds your selection by sniffing on the deck. An original self working card trick by Lennart Green himself. A Takumi favorite!! Let the cards do the work for you!


3) Takumi’s Triumph 
Takumi’s take on this classic where there’s a double kicker to the ending. Besides the selection card appearing face up, the whole deck is separated from RED & BLACK!!


A chosen card mysteriously appears tattooed on the performer’s hand. Learn how Takumi performs his own version on the paddle move, using his arm!!



1) Bare Hand Aces Production
Takumi’s visual take on the bare-handed 4 Aces production.


2) Aces Snap Control
4 Aces are placed back to the deck, and at the end are found to be at the top. Two words. SNAP DEAL.


3) Takumi’s One Hand Production  
A card is selected. Put into the middle of deck, and is shot out in one of the most impossible ways.  Visual Card Production at its BEST!


4) Mirror Account
Lennart Green’s take on the classic Oil & Water routine. 
This is Oil & Water on steroids and combines Snap Change in the finale. 




Moves Taught 

1) Snap Deal 
2) Snap Change 
3) Angle Separation
4) Color Changes 
5) Forces

and many more!


  1. Codydavismagic

    So to start, I saw the trailer for this and didn’t think it was going bring anything new. I own “A study by Lennart green” by Takumi and Shin, and didn’t think this would be worth the time as it didn’t look like anything I would use would be brought to the table. There are 9 didfferent tricks/routines taught on this.
    1. Visual Spread- The effect is a spectator freely cuts the cards (yes freely) and looks at the card and memorizes it. They insert it into the deck and with a tap of a magic card fan it turns face up. You then proceed to repeat the effect but this time their card and the remaining 4 of a kind turn face up with it. This effect is something you will use. It is so devious but so so clean. It’s also not hard to do but really hits hard. 10/10
    2. Blood Hound- a spectator chooses a card as a “blood hound” another card is then selected and the bloodhound keeps “chasing” it and eventually finds the selection. The trick in first viewing was not super impressive to me. It looked like the old trick that everybodies uncle does where they deal down the piles and just have to keep redealing. However. This one has a plot, and a purpose. I tried it once for my own enjoyment and to my surprise it was really fun to do. The spectators can freely choose any card both for the blood hound and the chosen card, and they can cut the cards as much as they want before every little elimination phase. You can even have the specators do the trick for each other which is not talked about but I do. They will have no idea of the method and it is amazing. This is one of my favorites on the project. 10/10
    3. Branded- your spectator cuts the cards and you show your arm cleanly. They take a look at their card and you make ink appear on your arm which matches their selection. This effect is super clean, and really fooling. Takumi has some great subtleties on this. The display of the arm is so clean and so is the selection of the card. The F***e of the card is amazing and that is what makes the trick for me. However, I don’t find myself using the trick, but do see the merit in it, and if it matches your style you will love it. For that reason 8/10
    4.Takumi’s Triumph- A Triumph routine where the face up and face down cards separate except for their selection. Just when the effect seems over, the reds and blacks then separate. This is also a great effect. I really enjoyed the kicker at the end of his triumph and it flows really well with the oil and water plot. This one is a little more difficult, but still not anything crazy hard. 10/10
    5. Bare hand ace production- You show your hands seemingly empty and produce all 4 aces. This is a really clean hand washing routine. The thing I like about this is I think this would look really good in a stage manipulation routine as well. 10/10
    6.Aces snap control – Aces are dealt at different parts of the deck and transpose to the only cards left to deal. This is so clean and I will probably use this with a spectators selection. (This is also on “study on Lennart green” 10/10
    7.Takumi’s one hand production- Takumi’s take on producing one card. This one just didn’t do it for me. The actual production is okay, but the get ready for it/the routining for it looked really fishy to me. I would stick to other productions, and different get readies. 6/10
    8.Mirror Account- The spectator selects a black card and the other cards are all red. You then take one of the red cards and turn the rest black. You then deal them one into their piles and when you go to put a black card on a red pile the card turns red. This routine is super good. I probably won’t use the very last part with the dealing it into the piles, (that is the most difficult part). It is good, but at that point there mind is already blown and you don’t need to hurt them more haha. The whole routine is more advanced, and if you use the ending sequence it is the hardest routine on here. This is worth the practice. In a few hours I had this down pretty smoothly and performed it once and it gets amazing reactions. Between this and blood hound you have got more than your money’s worth. 10/10
    Aces Top Shot- Takumi’s handling of the top shot. I don’t really have much to say on this one. If you are not familiar with the top shot you will find a lot of value in this. If you already do the top shot, it’s not really anything new, and for that reason 7/10.

    All in all, This is a great product. The instructions are well shot and the quality of sound is good. There are subtitles as well just in case you don’t understand something. However, the instructions are very in depth and clear. Takumi clearly shows every little move and explains it so you aren’t left with questions. This turned out to be a lot more than just snap deals and top shots. If you have “A Study on Lennart Green” you would still find a lot of use out of this. Great job by Superhumanz and Takumi. All in all with the production quality and effects I rate this project 10/10.

  2. agostonpeter (verified owner)

    The moves aren’t explained in too much detail, and the all the videos are recorded only from one angle, from the front. Still, the tricks Takumi teaches are great, even for a beginner, so I’m really satisfied with this purchase especially for the pre-sale price. The video and sound quality is not top notch, but it’s acceptable, so don’t let this stop you buying this.

  3. mh1001

    Here’s my review.

    Visual Spread. The first phase is a card reversal, second phase, four card (same-value cards) reversal. For the second phase you would need a set up. The deck is cut into two halves. Spectator picks the top card (where he cuts the deck), slide it inside one half. The secret move is done when you fan the other half over the half you’re holding in the other hand, as a cover. He does it so well, with little finger movements. I can’t do that, and unfortunately he doesn’t teach it. Of course, I guess you can easily find it on Youtube, a tutorial of this move, but I would have loved to have a good tutorial of this move here. I think you should at least get that for the price paid. I’m not a big fan of the move and its cover, however, I like this two phase reversal, and I already come up with my own version of it, which of course don’t use this difficult move, and I will be using it.

    Blood Hound. It’s a self-working, mathematical trick. You need two piles of cards. Spectator selects one card and puts it inside one pile but face up and you reveal the face down card above that face up card. All cards are dealt, forming two piles, one pile gets eliminated, and so on. The two cards left is the selection and the face up card. I’m mixed. It reminds me a lot of the first card tricks I learned when I began magic, tricks I learned in YouTube. I won’t be using it. I have better find-your-card tricks.

    Branded. As you can guess by the name, it’s a force and a revelation. I don’t like it, I know much better way of doing this, although these require gimmicks. Anyway, the forcing is a basic stuff you already know about. And the revelation on his arm, well, it’s kind of angle sensitive, and you have to practice it, the hard task is to show there is nothing on your skin beforehand. Even if you do it well, I’m not convinced at all.

    Takumi’s Triumph. Not bad at all. I like the way he separates the blacks and reds, although I prefer Out of Your mind by Karl Hein, which applies the same idea, but the handling is more natural looking in my opinion. I also like the ending. After revealing one card is facing up, at the center of the spread, you divide the halves and show you have separated the blacks and reds. However, in my opinion it would play better if the selection is neiher red or black, e.g., Joker.

    Bare Hand Ace Production. You show both hands are seemingly empty and you produce the aces. It’s really a good-looking move but not easy. I regret that the tutorial is not as deep as in his Study on Lennart Green, where you have slow motion and zoom (the top shot is taught in what I think is a bonus video). I’m not a big fan of card production in general, it screams sleight of hand.

    Aces Snap Control. You deal the cards, and one by one the aces, and yet the four last cards left in your hand are those aces. This one is really wonderful and will require lot of practice. I regret that it was taught in more depth in his Study on Lennart Green. So there is basically nothing new here, if you already purchased his Study on Lennart Green.

    Takumi’s One Hand Production. The selection is buried somewhere in the middle of the face up deck, and you produce this card out of the deck. This one also is very difficult. You have to combine snap deal with the double turnover. Again, I don’t like card productions but one can use these moves to do card reversals or ambitious cards. The issue is that the snap deal is taught in great detail in Study on Lennart Green but not in this download.

    Mirror Account. It’s an original oil and water, using the key moves (e.g., snap deal) you learn from Study on Lennart Green (which moves are not taught in this video). I think it’s the best trick on this download. Very difficult to master though. Probably the hardest.

    It’s not a bad download at all and there are some very good ideas in effects like, the Triumph, Mirror Account, Visual Spread, but I regret that the key moves are not taught in depth here. I suspect that if you know nothing about Takahashi or Lennart Green, you’ll find it very difficult to start practicing these moves. It’s not the best video if you want to start learning these moves. This download is for those familiar with Takahashi’s or Green’s work.

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